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Blistered Shishto Peppers ⁠

Blistered Shishito Peppers

They make simple, great tapas. Shishito peppers are similar to the Padron peppers used in Spain for a popular tapas. The peppers are mostly sweet, and blistering them brings out the best. Be warned — about one out of every ten is spicier than the rest. About as spicy as a mild jalapeno. There is no way to tell until you bite in to it!

Greek Chicken with Tzatziki on pita — Simple and Versatile

Homemade tzatziki and classic lemon, garlic and olive oil marinade transforms chicken into an easy, versatile dish for any occasion.

Red Snapper Salad

Red Snapper Salad

Red Snapper Salad. Bronzino, dorada & mahi mahi work too! Add a few Mediterranean staples-lemons, capers, red onion-for a delicious lunch.